Test tes te t… Thanksgiving Day

In an alternative world, where there is no COVID, I will be traveling this Thanksgiving break. I had plans and wanted to travel this Thanksgiving with my friends. We were planning to go to New York. We wanted to explore it for a few days before we returned to school. We wanted to visit all of the popular sites and just have fun. It would’ve been a very fun trip for all of us, but we won’t be able to do that this year.

Instead, I will be staying at home and celebrating it with my family. We are planning to buy some seafood and eat it while watching something. We don’t really like turkey so we won’t be having a “traditional” Thanksgiving meal. We will just be eating food that we want and it’s not really related to the Thanksgiving theme. We don’t really have a concrete plan yet and everything could change in the next couple of days. Because of COVID, this thanksgiving will be spent at home instead of partying with my aunts and uncle.

Usually, when it comes to Thanksgiving, my family would have a big party with my aunts and uncle. All of our family will come together, make delicious food, and hangout. Sometimes we would make Thanksgiving food, other times we would just make Vietnamese food. We don't really do anything specific, just make food and hang out with each other. This year will be the first year in a long time that we are not celebrating it together, but it’s all for the best.